Interactive Storytelling

Final Project

For the final project, students each brainstormed three different ideas using a combination of six techniques. They then chose one of those ideas to create an interactive story.

"Sparkling" Interactive Dialogue

In this assignment, students were given a choice of dialogue scenes to make interactive. The scenes were taken from Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, Batman: The Dark Knight, and No Country for Old Men. The common factor in all of these scenes is that while you have choices, the conversation is actually being directed by the other party, and so the outcome is already determined. Students practiced Jon Ingold's Accept/Reject/Deflect choice structure to give an wide range of player agency even in such a confined environment.

Here is a selection of those.

No Country For Old Men

Good Will Hunting

This scene contains violence.

Batman: The Dark Knight

This scene contains violence.

Pulp Fiction

This scene contains gun violence.